How do I get started with Pro Imaging, Inc?
Visit the CONTACT page to request a new doctor packet.

Once you receive your new doctor packet, please follow this procedure:

  • have your patient sign our assignment of benefits form (AOB)
  • have your office staff complete the radiology consultation form
  • the referring physician can use the form to inform us of specific concerns or relevant factors in the patient’s history e.g. prior carcinoma
  • place the films and completed paperwork into shipping box provided

How much does it cost?
With appropriate paperwork, we will bill the authorized insurance carrier. As a result, there is no cost to the referring physician. Please contact our office to fully discuss our financial policies.

Who pays for shipping and supplies?
All necessary shipping supplies/account numbers for UPS and our local courier will be provided as a professional courtesy to our referring doctors.

Why should I utilize Pro Imaging’s services?
A professional radiology report is an excellent risk management tool.
The written report includes a pathology and biomechanical component.
Appropriate recommendations – as needed – will be made regarding further imaging studies to help co-manage the patient’s health.