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Dec 9 15

Online Medical Imaging Sharing (teleradiology)

Online image sharing can make your practice life much easier!
The technical term for this digital process is teleradiology – moving images from point A to point B through digital, computer-assisted transmission typically over standard telephone lines. Strict HIPAA guidelines are followed.

3 ways to share your images with your preferred chiropractic radiologist (DACBR):

1. “wet read”– using your Android or iPhone smartphones, take a digital image of the area of interest on the conventional radiograph. These images are forwarded to your preferred chiropractic radiologist for preliminary evaluation. The original images are required to prepare a radiology report.

2. CDs’-from MRI centers or hospital radiology departments. In one easy step, an online image sharing service -i.e. Intelemage – installs software on your send computer and the CD images are forwarded to your preferred chiropractic radiologist.

3. HIPAA compliant VPN (virtual private network) -software is installed on the referring chiropractor’s send computer and images are moved to ProImaging’s image server via the virtual private network.


Digital cases that are uploaded to Pro Imaging’s image server, are processed and a completed report is uploaded to Pro Imaging’s file server for retrieval at the referring doctors’s convenience. All that is needed is a username and password.

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